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Victoria Knight Permanent Make-Up

  • before and after permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and lip color
  • before and after permanent eyebrows and lip color
  • before and after permanent eyebrows
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  • before and after permanent full face makeup
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  • before and after permanent makeup
  • before and after permanent makeup eyebrows, eyeliner and lip color

Applying what many call the best permanent makeup procedure, I serve Greater Orlando from my clinic in Winter Park. I offer my artistry, experience, and intelligence to each and every client with each and every service. I could do no less, because we all rise together.

An Experienced Microblading Artist

As with any permanent makeup, an artist’s experience and education (or lack thereof) can mean the difference between a beautiful or a botched set of brows you will live with for years to come. I have sixteen years’ experience as a permanent makeup artist, including six years performing successful microblading procedures. This is why you will receive the best microblading results in Florida.

About Me

I was working as one of the cosmetics managers in Nordstrom’s when a woman came in wanting a make-over. I tried to remove her lip liner and it simply would not come off. I said, “Girl, what is this stuff? It will not come off! I’d like to get my hands on some of that!”, thinking it was some new long-lasting lip color. That’s the moment that I learned about permanent make-up. She told me that she had had it done after she went through her breast cancer treatment and that her eyebrows were also permanent make-up.

As I’m listening to her I am remembering being just a little girl and watching my mother suffer with her hair loss after breast cancer treatment. My mother wore wigs and did her best to recreate her brows and eyelashes. I remember her sadness about the way she looked. I remember that when she made herself up she felt much better. I’m thinking, “Now imagine it could last …”.

So now, as I’m standing in the cosmetics department, my brain is whirring. It is like fireworks of shimmering golden sparkles From that moment forward I knew what I would do with my life; permanent make-up. That was 2001. I have never looked back. I love it so much I would still do permanent make-up if I won the lottery ~ it means that much to me. I take my love of cosmetics, beauty, and my artistry, and use them to help women with lasting beauty for more confidence. Best make-over ever! Wouldn’t you say?

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She did an amazing job!! I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE my eyebrows and eyeliner. She is patient and kind and loved how meticulous she was. I would totally recommend her to ANYBODY:)
~ Monica R.

Victoria is amazing at what she does! She turned my puny, uneven brows into perfection! It is so worth the time and effort she takes to create something from virtually nothing! She's an artist and a lovely person! Thank you Victoria!
~ Diane R.

Today I officially have brows! I am beyond impressed! They look amazing and so realistic I could cry knowing I no longer have to draw them on or worry about smearing them off! Victoria is very professional and just lovely! I highly recommend her! I'm happy, everyone's in awe at how awesome they look! YAY!
~ Rene F.

Julia Bradford
2 words... Love Victoria! She's professional, knowledgeable and makes you feel very comfortable before and during the procedure/service.

I got " The Eyes Have It" package which includes microblading and permanent top eyeliner and very minimal to no discomfort at all.

I'm very happy with my results and highly recommend Victoria to anyone considering or looking to get permanent makeup done.

Doris M.
I had other permanent makeup done but over time it faded. I recently moved to DeLand and being a nurse searched for someone to do a great job but a safe job...

Siolly Rios
I am so happy to have found Victoria. The best words to describe her are amazing, caring, talented, thoughtful, to list a few. She is an incredible artist.

When trusting someone with such a delicate, precious and important task like a permanent makeup, you need to make sure you are in good hands.

In her case, it is my belief that I am in the best hands. To say that I love her work is an understatement.

I wish I have found her years earlier. Her beautiful work on my eyebrows have made my morning routine so much faster. I look forward to my next visits with her. I am absolutely impressed and happy with her work.

I would recommend her to all my loved ones.

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RoseMarie Hunt
Victoria is a true professional. She has the best blend of skilled practitioner and cosmetologist. I was concerned at my age if the outcome would be too dramatic with thickness and color. I had permanent make up decades ago so I also entered in this being skeptical thinking of the old technology. Victoria was patient with me taking the time to explain the technique, instruments and technology to put me at ease. Then she took a great deal of time to draw out the results and went over every detail. I would recommend Victoria to anyone who has thought about getting this procedure. I was so pleased with my eye liner, I went back quickly for my eyebrows!

Ronni Taylor
Victoria Knight is a delight! Be prepared to make a wonderful friend! In my early 20's I naively had cosmetic procedures performed that left me with no eyebrows. Years of inconvenience and embarrassment led me to search out a permanent makeup solution. After doing my homework online, I scheduled my transition with Victoria. I wish I'd found this lovely woman decades ago! She is a true artist and a perfectionist! She listens and emphasizes that this is a collaboration between the two of you. However, given Victoria's expertise and artistry, I recommend giving her the reins! Two sittings with Victoria have given me a perfect brow line. I also had her do my eyeliner, and these two procedures have cut down considerable on the time it takes me to get ready in the morning. Absolutely no one can tell that I don't have natural eyebrows. I love it! Do yourself a favor. Make an appointment.

Laura Cloak
I was at first nervous but after meeting and talking with Victoria, she made me feel very relaxed and at ease with the procedure. She did an excellent job of explaining exactly what she was going to do before she started.

She took the time to ask me questions and show me the work as she went along to ensure that I felt comfortable, pain free and that I was liking how my brows were coming along. Victoria did a fantastic job on my brows!

She is professional, kind, caring and you can tell she truly loves her work. I thank you for the beautiful brows you've given me, I love them!

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